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Helpful tips on how to sell stuff and work from home, let it go for instant emegency money selling used items to pawn shops and 2nd hand stores in my area.

What is a pawnshop?

The pawnshop could be called one of the oldest businesses of the world. They were present in ancient civilization of Greece and China. They were very much existent in medievalEurope. Theirpresence can very well be felt in the 18thand 19th Europe and America. However,the look and feel of a modern pawnshop has undergonea sea-change fromwhat they were in the past. But the basic concept has remained the same.

How to pawn or sell jewelry to raise money?

Jewelry made of precious metals such as platinum and gold and embedded with precious stones such as diamond are always valued at pawn stores. There are certainpawn stores that only accept jewelry as pawn. The value of jewelryonlyincreases with time therefore they are lucrative for thepawnbroker.
To pawn jewelry first of all,pick up apiece that you want to pawn. Determine what it is made up of. Jewelry made of semi-precious metals that only have gold electroplating are of little value at a pawnshop. Precious metals have a commodity price per gram which pawnshops pay.


However, before you take it to a pawn store, the first thing you should do is cleaning it. Clean the jewel with a tooth brush and some soapy water. This is because dead skin often accumulates on the jewel as it sits on your skin for years. They cover the carat marking. A dirty diamond appears tan or yellow which normally indicates a lower quality stone. If toothbrush and soap do not clean it well, use jewelry cleaner.

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